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The mission of Connersville Middle School is to provide a safe, positive environment in which high expectations and quality education enable young adolescents to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.

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    1900 Grand Avenue                                                                                                             August 2020

     Phone: 825-1139                                                                                                                 fayettein.cms.schooldesk.net


                                 The first day of school for CMS students is Wednesday August 12th!

                                                                                            School Hours are from 8:15 am-3:30 pm

    Arrival to School

    Buses will unload students on Grand Avenue in the morning where students should enter the cafeteria doors and report directly to Spartan Bowl. Students using other transportation must be dropped off at the Indiana Avenue doors the Spartan Arena no earlier than 7:45 AM and report directly to the Spartan Bowl.  After school, buses will load on Grand Avenue; therefore parents must pick up students on Indiana Avenue or surrounding streets. For the safety of all students, it is extremely important that parents do not attempt to pick up students in the south parking lot at dismissal. Please adhere to these guidelines for the safety of all students. 

    Students will first report to Spartan Bowl and will then be dismissed to their

     SPARTAN PRIDE classroom on Wednesday, August 12.

    We will run a slightly altered schedule that first day.


    Effective at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, July 27, 2020, and continuing throughout the public health emergency, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb ordered all public and private K-12 educational institutions to require all students in grades 3-12 regardless of age to wear a face covering or face shield unless they fall within the exemptions listed in the executive order of July 30, 2020 (see below):

    On July 30th, 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb revised the mask mandate classroom exceptions.  The following is the new exception for mask in a classroom setting Per Governor's order:

    Where a classroom or place of instruction can be configured so that all  students can maintain at least three (3) feet of social distancing from one another at all times, and where students are positioned to face in  the same direction, face coverings or face shields do not need to be worn during in-person educational instruction by students.

    Per Indiana Governor Holcomb’s order, all students must wear a mask while on a school bus.  Students must wear a mask to board the school bus. Students are encouraged to keep their masks on after exiting the bus until they are in an area where social distancing can occur before they remove their mask. Parents are encouraged to provide two masks per student in case one gets lost, soiled, or torn. All CMS dress code regulations will apply to student facemasks. Offensive or inappropriate facemasks that violate the CMS dress code guidelines will not be permitted.


    We continue to explore opportunities to enhance the learning environment for our students with resources, technology, and excellent teachers. This school year, each student will be responsible for a Chromebook that will be issued shortly after the start of school. More information on Chromebooks will be forthcoming.

     Stay Connected

    Up to date e-mails and phone numbers are important!

    We want to work to provide immediate communication to parents/students concerning school activities and academics. It is important that parents provide a current email address and correct phone numbers. Newsletters and important updates will be sent through e-mail. Additionally, all CMS teams will be using Class DoJo as a communication tool for parents to get immediate information on academic and behavioral issues.


    Raptor Visitor System

    To strengthen our program of school safety for students and faculty, the Raptor visitor system enables office staff to screen all visitors. The system requires all visitors to present an ID such as a Driver’s License, or state identification card. Once the identification is processed through the system to ensure that no one entering the building is a registered sex offender, a visitor’s pass can then be issued. During the current pandemic, parent visitors to the school will be limited to the front office area only.

    Student Safety

    The safety of all students is of primary importance to the staff at CMS and the greater Fayette County School Corporation. On the recommendations of appropriate state and local health authorities, we will implement social distancing guidelines and other related precautions and procedures with regard to sanitizing areas of the building on a regular basis.

    Student Messages

    To ensure that students receive pertinent messages during the school day, it is VERY IMPORTANT to contact the CMS office no later than 3:00pm. Only messages of an urgent nature will be accepted after this time.

    Universal Breakfast

    CMS will continue to offer the Universal Breakfast again this year to all students at no charge.  All students will have the option to receive the breakfast items each morning when distributed to classrooms, but they are not required to accept the items provided. 


    Student lockers will not be issued to students at the beginning of the school year to assist in promoting social distancing. Students will be permitted to use a backpack to carry their belongings throughout the school day.

    Cell Phones/Related Devices

    All personal electronic devices including, but not limited to, cell phones and headphones are not to be used during school hours. These devices must be turned OFF and put away if brought to school.

    Dress Code

    Students and parents are encouraged to read the CMS dress code guidelines that are outlined in the CMS student handbook. It can be found on the CMS website under the “About Us” tab. Specific guidelines are developed to improve school safety, reduce distractions and disruptions to the educational environment and to encourage student’s to focus on their education.  Parents will be contacted if students violate these guidelines and corrective measures must be taken. These CMS guidelines help to promote an optimal learning environment for students at Connersville Middle School. 

    Footwear is to be worn at all times.  Flip-flops are not safe footwear to be worn at school.

    Sleeveless or low cut shirts including camisoles, short shorts, bicycle shorts, midriff shirts are not appropriate school wear.  

    Tops are not to extend lower than 3 fingers from the collar bone to be allowable at school.

    Shorts and skirts must be below mid-thigh.

    No pants or jeans with rips, tears, or holes.

    No chains or straps can be hanging from pants or clothing.

    No wallet chains, dog chains, long-strap key chains, and studded chokers, bracelets, or armbands, etc. are to be worn.

    Piercing is limited to the ears and nose. Any other noticeable piercings will be asked to be removed.

    Prearranged Absences

    The following absences are to be ARRANGED IN ADVANCE through the school office:

     ∙medical and dental appointments

    ∙ serving as a page at the Indiana General Assembly

    ∙ family vacation

    *** Absences involving family vacations must be prearranged.  A written request must be made by the parent/guardian to the principal or assistant principal at least one week prior to the absence; and all school assignments must be completed within one week after the return to school.***

    Students are allotted 4 excused days per semester for illness as determined by the parent/guardian. Any additional days will be unexcused without medical documentation. A 3rd and 4th unexcused absences will result in a 2-hour after school session assigned through the office. A 5th unexcused absence will result in a student’s placement in the Extended Day Program.


    If parents have questions regarding the start of school, please do not hesitate to contact the CMS office.

    We can be reached at 825-1139.

    Updated School Calendar

    The updated Fayette County School Corporation Calendar can be accessed at the following website:



    We are looking forward to a great year!

    Connersville Middle School Mission Statement

    The mission of Connersville Middle School is to provide a safe, positive environment in which high expectations and quality education enable young adolescents to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.



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  • Spectrum is offering free broadband for new customers who have K-12 or college students in their homes. They are also making all their hotspots free/open.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint is offering unlimited data plans at no extra cost for current customers
  • Verizon is offering 15G of additional data to current customers who are students or have school aged children until the end of April.  
  • ATT is offering free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots
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Attention Educators and Families! @EducateIN has created a new website to support your use of extended remote learning! Check back daily for updates! 

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