The Library Media Center is a busy place. Many book, information, and technology
related activities take place during the year.

1st Period Classes,
On Dec. 5th, 7th, and 9th, students tuned into CMS 2Day to play Bingo.Winning classes received a free book for every student. Congratulations to 14 CLASSES who won books this week!!!

Teachers of winning classes include:
Dec. 5th - Mrs. Carmony
Dec. 7th - Mrs. Faw, Mr. Klein, Mr. Miller, Mr. Burks, and Miss Alesch
Dec. 9th - Mrs. Greeson, Mr. Reeve, Mr. Page, Mr. Luebbe, Mr. Metz, Mrs. Farthing, Mrs. Henry, and Mrs. Bohl.
Mystery Readers for 2011-2012. Staff read a portion of a middle school book with students only hearing the voice. Students then guessed the book title and the reader. Thank you to all of our staff readers and congrats to all of the students who participated. What fun!
Dec. 12th - 16th
CMS Staff competed in Speed Jeopardy. "M Cubed" are the Champs this year after a week of keen competition.

M Cubed - 2011 Champs!

See more photos of all teams on the Media Center Photo page.